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Hey, Perd! What’s the werd?!

October 5, 2016



I beg forgiveness from all my loyal followers! I have no excuse and I know you’re all literally dying to hear what’s going on in my world!

The judgment has come down regarding my latest iteration of brain cancer.


Last week my wife and I saw my oncologist to receive the information from the pathology report concerning whatever they pulled out of my noodle. Firstly, I’ll do a recap of my last diagnosis to remind everyone. On February 26, 2014 Dr. Litofsky at MU’s Ellis Fischel Cancer Center performed surgery and found a baseball-sized mass in my left frontal lobe. The pathology report came back with the malevolent triad of Stage I DNET, Stage II Oligodendroglioma, and Stage III Astrocytoma.

My oncologist, the much beloved and much tattooed, Dr. Doll prescribed 6-weeks of concomitant radiation/chemotherapy (radiation and chemo at the same time) followed by six more month of regular chemotherapy consisting of a 300 mg dosage of temozolomide per day for 5-days followed by a 23-day recovery period. The recovery period allows the body to recover new cells after having effectively just entirely stopping cell growth for almost a full week.



This time only one of the tumor types has returned. There’s no sign of the DNET, or the Stage III Astrocytoma. This time the traitor has turned out to be a quarter-sized Oligodendroglioma tumor. That doesn’t sound too bad but this time it had graduated. This Oligodendroglioma is Stage III. I’ll write another blog with more learning on my current diagnosis. Honestly, could be better, but it also could be much worse. My prescription for this round doesn’t call for any hair ejecting radiation but it does involve 1 full year of chemo. The dosage is 320mg for five days with 23 days off to recover – an amount similar my 2014 double dosage of 300mg. Luckily, I seemed to handle that fairly well. So, I’m pretty positive about it!

I’ll keep yinz all posted!


**A shout out to my radiation-oncologists and their team: Dr. Johnson, Dr. Westgate, and the whole radiation team that treated me.

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