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He who attempts to destroy my brainerin…

July 8, 2017


Fuckin Jules Motherfucker

Hi Bwian. I can’t believe we’ve known each other for 40 months. It’s so nice of you to unexpectedly show up 10 months after your last appearance. Last time they had to keep me awake and talking during surgery while zapping my brain to ensure I retained my ability to understand and communicate language. I appreciate that.

Since then I’ve been on a shit ton of chemo. You didn’t care though. Just popped your treacherous head in anyway. And your timing…aah, couldn’t be better. But, hey, thanks for teaching me to better deal with adversity.

Well, Bwian, I can’t say you aren’t persistent but I have to admit that you are a sucker punchin’ son-of-a-bitch.

You know what though? That’s fine too. I will fight you with great vengeance and furious anger – tooth and fucking nail, everything I’ve got. I’ll have you pulled out and sliced while any leftovers are slowly poisoned for as long as it takes. I hope you enjoy.

Talk to you later, Bwian,



*Note: I originally used a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon, but was advised against its use by the Andrews McMeel Universal Digital Marketing Manager of Publishing. Forgive me Bill Watterson. I promise I make no money off of my C&H use.

**Happy belated birthday Bill Watterson!


Hey, Perd! What’s the werd?!

October 5, 2016



I beg forgiveness from all my loyal followers! I have no excuse and I know you’re all literally dying to hear what’s going on in my world!

The judgment has come down regarding my latest iteration of brain cancer.


Last week my wife and I saw my oncologist to receive the information from the pathology report concerning whatever they pulled out of my noodle. Firstly, I’ll do a recap of my last diagnosis to remind everyone. On February 26, 2014 Dr. Litofsky at MU’s Ellis Fischel Cancer Center performed surgery and found a baseball-sized mass in my left frontal lobe. The pathology report came back with the malevolent triad of Stage I DNET, Stage II Oligodendroglioma, and Stage III Astrocytoma.

My oncologist, the much beloved and much tattooed, Dr. Doll prescribed 6-weeks of concomitant radiation/chemotherapy (radiation and chemo at the same time) followed by six more month of regular chemotherapy consisting of a 300 mg dosage of temozolomide per day for 5-days followed by a 23-day recovery period. The recovery period allows the body to recover new cells after having effectively just entirely stopping cell growth for almost a full week.



This time only one of the tumor types has returned. There’s no sign of the DNET, or the Stage III Astrocytoma. This time the traitor has turned out to be a quarter-sized Oligodendroglioma tumor. That doesn’t sound too bad but this time it had graduated. This Oligodendroglioma is Stage III. I’ll write another blog with more learning on my current diagnosis. Honestly, could be better, but it also could be much worse. My prescription for this round doesn’t call for any hair ejecting radiation but it does involve 1 full year of chemo. The dosage is 320mg for five days with 23 days off to recover – an amount similar my 2014 double dosage of 300mg. Luckily, I seemed to handle that fairly well. So, I’m pretty positive about it!

I’ll keep yinz all posted!


**A shout out to my radiation-oncologists and their team: Dr. Johnson, Dr. Westgate, and the whole radiation team that treated me.


Nobody tells me nothin’…

June 6, 2016
Apparently it’s National Cancer Survivors Day. Nobody tells me nothin’.
Well, in honor of this day, team Nogginators have assembled to participate in the MetroKC Head for the Cure 5K event on August 28th to raise funds expanding medical research for brain cancer treatments! With over 120 different types of brain tumors, and that pesky blood-brain barrier, effective treatments are extremely difficult to find. So, we need all the help we can get!
Come participate in the 5k, by joining the Nogginators! Or help provide support for the 700,000 brain cancer survivors, such as myself, by donating to the Nogginators! To do so click on the Head for the Cure banner at the top of this page. There will be a welcome site with (2) buttons near the bottom of the page that allow you to participate, “Join Team” and “Donate“. Please give us a hand by donating at whatever level you’re comfortable with.
The Nogginators thank you for all your support!
More updates and information coming soon…

Head for the Cure

August 21, 2014


(The little bastard causing all this trouble.)

Brain cancer, though rare, is the number two cancer killer of children, leukemia being number one. It also affects adults such as myself, usually presenting no symptoms until it’s malignant. Because of its rarity (only 688,000 cases in the US) funding for new treatments is hard to come by. We live in a technologically advanced world but my chemo is the latest drug and it’s over 14 years old. But the brain is especially difficult to treat because the same protective membrane that prevents viruses and bacteria from infecting the brain also prevents medication from reaching the tumor. The difficulty of breachng the blood-brain barrier makes research more costly and difficult. But as I’ve said before, I want to save the boobies, but I need my brain to enjoy them!

If you want to help save the brains so we can continue to motorboat the boobies (we know you ladies love that!) then send a couple of bucks here:

Making a Difference for Mason and Mikey

All donations are tax deductible, go toward raising brain cancer awareness, and funding clinical research trials to find more effective treatments for all brain cancers.


Results of My Treatments

May 26, 2014

Tomorrow we go in to find out if my previous chemo and radiation treatments are working as they should. Though six more months of chemo is guaranteed, I’m really hoping for no more radiation for a long time!

(RT Visual tour!)

So much radiation that the size of the lead vest it would take to protect the rest of my body would crush me.

Creates so much radiation that the size of the lead vest it would take to protect the rest of my body would crush me. Which would be a bit counterproductive.

Comfy in my "pillow."

Comfy in my “pillow.”

Caging my face in to keep me from wiggling around while they're shooting my brain.

Caging my face in to keep me from wiggling around while they’re shooting my brain.

Il machina!


Where big brother keeps an eye on me.

Where big brother keeps an eye on me.

Angry cuz I got a waffleface...

Angry cuz I got a waffleface…

My Very Important Cancer Patient (VICP) card. Hopefully everything worked as planned and I won't need this again for a while.

My Very Important Cancer Patient (VICP) card. Hopefully everything worked as planned and I won’t need this again for a while.



The Uncle Leo

April 19, 2014
If my eyebrows fall out, I'm gonna go for the Uncle Leo markerbrows, from Seinfeld.

If my eyebrows fall out, I’m gonna go for the Uncle Leo markerbrows, from Seinfeld.


Radiation & Chemo – Oncological One-two Attack

April 6, 2014

I’ve made it past the halfway point of my concomitant (a fifty-cent word for “at the same time”) chemo- and radiation therapy. But how do these work and how do they compliment each other to produce a more effective end result? This will be a quick intro to the tag team nature of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. I’ll brief you on what each does and how they compliment each other. A couple of future posts will go into greater detail about my specific treatments.

Mmm... Cytotoxin! Just like Brown Recluse venom. (aka, Temodar 140mg)

Mmm… Cytotoxin! Just like Brown Recluse venom. (aka, Temodar 140mg)

I’ll start with chemotherapy. There are over 50 chemotherapy drugs that are commonly used[i]. Of these drugs there are at least 6 different types of chemo that are prescribed differently for the patient and the specific cancer diagnosis, i.e. a leukemia drug would not be ideal for lung cancer. My prescribed chemotherapy is temozolomide (often called by its brand name Temodar). Cancer cells, in their rush to multiply, tend to be less error correcting than normal cells. This structural flaw leaves them more open to attack on their DNA. Temodar is a Cytotoxin alkylating antineoplastic agent that directly disassembles cellular DNA. These drugs affect all cells within the body but are most effective on those, like cancer, which reproduce quickly. A medical oncologist prescribes this drug in an attempt to weaken the DNA while slowing and eventually stopping the growth of cancerous cells.

My brain zapper!

My brain zapper!

The radiation therapy I undergo uses focused high-energy x-rays from a linear accelerator that are aimed directly into the area of my cancer. Radiation, like chemo, destroys a portion of DNA in any cells that it passes through. The goal again is stopping uncontrolled cell growth and hopefully killing the cell.

One can think of the increased effectiveness of dual chemo- and radiation therapy in terms of fighting. One doesn’t just hit an opponent once and hope it lays him out. Combinations work much better. One wants blows to weaken defenses while being followed by knockout attempts without leaving oneself vulnerable to similar return blows from the opponent. Combined chemo- and radiation therapy, while monitoring collateral damage to healthy cells (keeping one’s defenses up), attempts to weaken and damage cancerous cell growth directly with one-two’s of radiation and chemo. All punches are similar in fighting. They can be more effectively used by someone who is trained and experienced in targeting these finely tuned weapons. That’s the reason why most of would avoid a fight with, say Floyd Mayweather. He knows his tools. I think of my oncologists in the same light. Just as Mayweather knows how to do his thing, my doctors are also trained to use their tools as effectively as possible while minimizing collateral damage.


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