Philosophy of Science

Articles under this subject will discuss the history and change of science and its evolving methods. It will help us demarcate science from non-science (Astronomy from Astrology). We will work to determine the relative importance of observation and rational derivation in science. It will also help us come to a conclusion about whether science does or even should explain the world around us.

Demarcation of Science
What is science? Physics and Chemistry are clearly science, but what about Economics or Intelligent Design? This is one of the important questions, dealing with the demarcation of science from the humanities and pseudo-sciences, that we’ll be reviewing in Philosophy of Science class.

Scientific Method
Everyone knows that what sets science apart is that science follows the scientific method to reach its conclusions. But can anyone tell me exactly what the scientific method is? Physics has its own method but should chemistry or sociology follow the same method? Was Isaac Newton’s method in the 17th century the same as what is used today?

Many would say what sets science apart is that it is grounded in observation. But observations can be misleading. Take the example of the sun crossing the sky. It should be clear to our common sense that we are not in motion (we feel no movement) and that the sun is revolving around us. Just look up. See! Rises in the east and sets in the west.

No matter what, it should be a rip-roarin’ good time!


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