Back on the Chopping Block

August 23, 2016

steveperryWell, boys and girls, friends and neighbors, you may remember a couple of months ago that I said I had a less than ideal MRI that indicated a small but suspicious mass. It could have been a return of my tumor or simply radiation necrosis. Well, the results are in after another scan…they still don’t know until they take it out, but there was more growth than my neurosurgeon, Dr. Chamoun, was comfortable with so, I’ll be going back under the knife in a few weeks. The mass is very close to the speech center of the brain. To try to avoid negatively affecting my speech I’ll be awake during the surgery as they ask me questions and keep me talking. Should be a hoot conversing while someone has their fingers buried deep in my skull. (Period=Sarcasm) And everyone who’s ever met me knows I never shut-up. (note the period) But, really, what else can you do about it. I was given the option of being asleep but in the end I want the best results, so it was my choice. Not that it isn’t a creepy choice to be given! I’ll keep yinz posted! When on a Journey never forget the the immortal words of Steve Perry… (you may all commence the clinched-fist crescendo).


One comment

  1. Well, that just sucks!
    But I know you’ll deal with it with characteristic grace under pressure.

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