Head for the Cure

August 21, 2014


(The little bastard causing all this trouble.)

Brain cancer, though rare, is the number two cancer killer of children, leukemia being number one. It also affects adults such as myself, usually presenting no symptoms until it’s malignant. Because of its rarity (only 688,000 cases in the US) funding for new treatments is hard to come by. We live in a technologically advanced world but my chemo is the latest drug and it’s over 14 years old. But the brain is especially difficult to treat because the same protective membrane that prevents viruses and bacteria from infecting the brain also prevents medication from reaching the tumor. The difficulty of breachng the blood-brain barrier makes research more costly and difficult. But as I’ve said before, I want to save the boobies, but I need my brain to enjoy them!

If you want to help save the brains so we can continue to motorboat the boobies (we know you ladies love that!) then send a couple of bucks here:

Making a Difference for Mason and Mikey

All donations are tax deductible, go toward raising brain cancer awareness, and funding clinical research trials to find more effective treatments for all brain cancers.


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