Hairs Cut Time

March 25, 2014

When a neurosurgeon cuts your skull open and sends you home two days later, all the responsibility for its healing seems to fall squarely on your shoulders.

Now most who know me remember that getting my hair cut isn’t on the top of my to-do list. But when you have to take care of a wound and you can’t see it past the 2mm worth of hair, well a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do. So, I have to keep my hair shorter than I’ve ever had it. The scary part is I think I might like it…

I’ll eventually have to spread yummy hospital lotion on the targets of radiation. These fall in the hairline. I figure it’s probably best if it goes on the irradiated skin rather than shampooed into the hair.



Gitta a hair cut you stinkin’ dad gum hippie!



Oooh… Pretty scalp.

(Note the similarities and near mirrored positioning  between myself and the Mucha painting behind me. I expound. She listens. Know you see what happens when you ask an art loving, design obsessed, philosophy geek how he’s been.)



  1. Could you maybe take a whack at the chest hair that’s billowing out of the top of your shirt, too? You know, since you’re already there.

  2. The scar kinda looks like a part!

    • They knew what they were doing! Though it does curve around and end in front of my ear. I’ve thought about shaving into horns! But Holly ixnayed that. Party-pooper!

  3. Boy do you ever look like your brother, before the new hair style that is.

    • Luckily we are both a couple of handsome fellers!

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