New Normal: Day 3 – The VICP

March 22, 2014

Always That Space

The University of Missouri Hospital has quotes painted on various walls throughout the buildings. Some are in hallways, others out in open areas, but I like to think they reserve the special ones for the inner circle. The really good ones are usually found in exam rooms, consultation rooms, and limited access areas.

I go with Mike every morning at 9AM for his radiation therapy. This is our 15 minutes of VICP (Very Important Cancer People) treatment. We have a special parking tag giving us access to seven reserved spaces in a secret parking lot hidden behind the Patient and Visitor Parking Garage (aka where the common folk park). We park about 100 feet from the door and saunter directly into the radiation oncology department. There’s no cumbersome triplicate-form laced with mundane small talk check-in process for the VICP. Mike simply whips out his electronic VICP check-in card and scans…

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