Political Philosophy

January 23, 2012

This semester we’re studying philosophical liberalism. Not liberalism as in you’re a liberal, I’m a conservative, I hate you. But the liberalism that we all embrace. Liberalism is simply a rejection of monarchical control in favor of liberty and equality. In this sense democrats and republicans are both liberals, even if there is a scale of agreement to the liberal concept.

The Political Philosophy class will explore the presumption of how freedom of expression plays into liberalism and when if at any time the expression of ones thoughts, opinions, and beliefs should be censored. We will be exploring the questions:
1.) Why is freedom of expression a fundamental right in a free society?
2.) When is a government permitted to ban or restrict expression on the basis of its content?
We will focus on Hate Speech, Obscenity, and Dangerous Speech.

Here’s a good “introductory” article that will probably give you more than you ever wanted to know about Liberalism.


Hope you’ll join in the discussion!


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